15 year old girl gang raped, walks 2 km naked in Moradabad


New Delhi: A 15-year-old girl was allegedly raped by 5 men in Moradabad. A shocking video has surfaced on the Internet of the teenager walking two kilometers naked on the Moradabad-Thakurdwara road.

FIR registered September 7th

The incident falls under the jurisdiction of Bhojpur Police Station. The SSP ordered a case to be registered that had been deferred for the past 7 days. The FIR was actually registered on September 7th.

In the video that has emerged, people can be seen walking past the naked ten in such a state. Not only so many people who should have helped her decided to take the video on social media. This also shows the drowning level of sensitivity and compassion that remains in society.

Matter gained the spotlight after it was posted on Twitter

The matter came under the spotlight when a woman posted the video on Twitter on Tuesday. As a result, the police have now processed the entire case.

The 15-year-old girl lives in a village in the Bhojpur Police Station area. She went to a carnival near the village at around 7:00 pm on September 1st. It is believed that she was returning from the fair when defendants Nitin, Kapil, Ajay, Naushe Ali and Imran, residents of Islamnagar village in Bhojpur, kidnapped her. The defendant, who came on two bicycles, forcibly picked up the teenage girl and took her to the forest of Saidpur Khaddar village.

According to the girl’s uncle, “When she came back and told us the whole ordeal, she was bleeding profusely,” TOI reported.

According to police, one person has been arrested in the matter.

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