18 year old falls in love with 60 year old, then THIS happened


New Delhi: An 18-year-old girl named Misba fell in love with a 60-year-old man named Rasool. Misba’s heart used to beat for him. She secretly stared at him when he visited her. Earlier, she had slipped on it from the terrace when she was walking in the alley. The man couldn’t believe that an 18-year-old girl fell in love with him.

Misba tells us why 60-year-old Rasool looked good

Misba shared her love story on a Pakistani YouTube channel. Misba said that 60-year-old Ghulam Rasool used to live in his locality. He says he had a great name and a noble heart. He was drawn to her kind heart.

He also says that when he first came to our house, he started to like her. He watched them from the terrace. One day he told me about his mother’s love. For which the mother scolded a lot. He also tried to explain that you are small and he is very big. But Misba disagreed.

It doesn’t matter what the world says

Misba says that without caring about family and relatives, she told her heart to Ghulam Rasool. At first he was surprised, but he could not refuse Misba’s love and said yes. In fact, even after the age of 60, Ghulam Rasool never got married. He was a bachelor. Misba says that he proposed first and then they got married.

Rasool taught him how to cook

After the marriage, love blossomed between the two. Misba tells that she loves Rasool sahib very much. At the same time, her husband also loves her very much. She helps him with housework and cooking. Misba tells that her husband never gets angry. She gets angry, but her husband convinces her with love.

Older men are mature

Misba also mentions the benefits of marrying an older man. He says that the level of maturity is higher for older men. They are more intelligent. There is childishness in today’s young boys. They keep fighting. Whereas older men understand things more clearly. They control you when you do something wrong. The couple also recites poems to each other.

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