2-year-old reaches police station to complain against mother


Vipin Srivastava, Bhopal: A curious case of the innocence of a 2-year-old child has come to light in Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh. The child went to the police together with his father, and they asked that his mother be put in jail. He told the police that his mother steals chocolate and even beats him. The outpost leader laughed after listening to the child.

This is the case of Dedtalai village in Khaknar police station, Burhanpur. Enraged by his mother’s scolding, 2-year-old Saddam came to the Dedtala police station near his own house to complain. The police were shocked to see this. At the same time, love also meant a lot to the innocence of the innocent.

After that posted here sub-inspector Priyanka Nayak wrote a complaint to the mother on her request to reduce the displeasure of little Saddam and then many Saddams agreed. After that, the police explained to him and sent him home. The video of Saddam, who came to complain about his mother, is spreading widely on social media.

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