20-feet massive python wraps around man, terrifying video goes VIRAL


New Delhi: Are you afraid of snakes? If yes then this video is not for you.  A video of a massive python wrapping around a man has left netizens stunned. The video was posted on Instagram by the user @snakebytestv and it has received over 18,000 likes so far.

In the viral video,  the man can be seen carrying giant yellow python on his shoulder. Although the length of this dreaded creature is so much that most of the body of it keeps touching the ground.  As the vieo goes on, the phyton can be seen wrapping the person around his body. “Handling a 20 foot snake isn’t exactly a piece of cake! Lucy here is giving me a run for my money!” reads the video caption.

The short segment has now garnered over 661k views and received hundreds of comments. Netizens said they were left stunned on watching the video as they have never seen a snake bigger than that. “thats so scary” said one user. Another user said, “unbeliabvle”

first published:May 21, 2022, 4:53 p.m.

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