200 crore fine for data theft, online tracking, jail! Reading


New Delhi: In a fast digital country like India, cases of online fraud are increasing rapidly. One reason for this is also effective data protection laws. Because of this, tech companies use consumer data indiscriminately without permission. But maybe now the face will change because now the central government has become cautious about the security of consumer data.

Government brings new rules

The Central Government has brought a new rule in the Personal Data Protection Act. The government will introduce a new data protection law in the upcoming winter session of Parliament. The government says that the new bill will prove effective in preventing misuse of data.

Let us tell you that the Minister of State for Electronics and IT, Rajeev Chandrasekhar has said that the data protection law will end the misuse of customer data.

Because the new rule will have punitive measures for misuse of data, which was not there in the earlier draft law on data protection. In the new bill, companies found guilty of data theft and online tracking can be fined up to Rs 200 crore and jailed.

During the investigation in the US, Google was fined $392 million, saying it misled users and tracked them.

No one will be able to track online

Google reportedly tracks user data for targeted advertising. According to experts, location tracking data is considered the most sensitive and there is a possibility of its misuse. Google shares a limited amount of location tracking data.

The US Attorney General has found that Google has been violating state consumer protection laws since at least 2014 by misleading consumers about its location tracking practices.

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