2022 Maruti Grand Vitara: All you need to know about!


New Delhi: Maruti Suzuki will announce the prices of its new car, the Grand Vitara, by the end of this month, with deliveries starting in October. More than 50,000 people have already reserved this car before departure. Because of the high potential, people book more for the full hybrid version of this car. The full hybrid version accounts for nearly half of all bookings, thanks to the fact that it is considered fuel-efficient despite being expensive. The 1.5 mild hybrid automatic version of this car is also in high demand. While the AWD version can also expect a lot of sales.

Available in 6 designs

The company will sell this Grand Vitara through Nexa dealerships and its variants will be Sigma, Delta, Zeta, Alpha, Zeta+ and Alpha+. The AWD system will only be seen in the manual version of the Alpha trim. This will be Maruti’s first car in India with this system. In this segment, this system is only available in the Toyota Highrider.

So will the price

The top version of the hybrid SUV will be available in Zeta+ and Alpha+ versions. The full hybrid Grand version gets a different gearbox, while the engine is also different from the mild hybrid Grand Vitara. The full hybrid Grand Vitara will be available with an e-CVT automatic with EV mode. Unlike other rivals, the company does not offer its Grand Vitara with a turbo gasoline or diesel engine, only the hybrid and mild hybrid technology present in it make up for this shortcoming. This car is offered at different prices based on different variants. In which the initial versions are a 6-speed automatic with standard mild-hybrid and a fully loaded strong hybrid version with 6-speed manual transmission. The Grand Vitara is estimated to start at Rs 10-11 lakh and the full hybrid version will go up to Rs 18-19 lakh.

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