3 celebrated in Kerala for human sacrifice


Kochi: As many as three people were arrested in Kerala for allegedly murdering two women in an alleged case of human sacrifice.

The Ernakulam Judicial First Class Court sent the accused – Bhagaval Singh, his wife Laila and Muhammed Shafi to police custody till October 24.

According to the police report, the husband-wife pair of Bhagaval Singh and Laila conspired with “main accused” Muhammed Shafi to commit the crimes.

The accused’s police remand report mentions that the shocking “human sacrifices” are suspected to have been committed as part of a ritual to gain financial benefits.

The remains of the two dead women, identified as Padma and Roslin, were exhumed from graves near Singh and Laila’s residence in Pathanamthitta district on Tuesday.

According to the police, the accused allegedly lured the victims with the promise of money. The pre-trial report indicated that the accused had cut up the bodies of the victims before burying them.

On September 26, Shafi approached 52-year-old Padma, who used to sell lottery tickets in Kochi, and lured her by offering Rs 15,000 for sex work, according to the police remand report.

“She then agreed and went with Shafi to Bhagaval Singh and Laila’s house in Pathanamthitta district. There, the accused strangled her with a plastic cord around her neck to render her unconscious. After that, Shafi mutilated Padma’s private parts with a knife and slit her throat. After that, they cut her into 56 pieces and put the mutilated body parts in buckets and buried them in a grave,” the report details .

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Police said they are investigating the possibility of cannibalism where the accused possibly ate the flesh of the victims.

Kochi Police Commissioner CH Nagraju in a press conference told reporters that Shafi, the main accused, was a pervert and has a criminal past.

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