46 Chinese aircraft and 4 navy ships have been seen in the vicinity, Taiwan says


New Delhi: Taiwan’s defense ministry said on Sunday that up to 46 Chinese aircraft and 4 navy ships were spotted in the vicinity.

Armed with navy ships, land-based missile systems and aircraft dedicated to controlled air patrols, the Taiwanese military countered the activities.

“Today (November 6, 2022) 46 PLA aircraft and 4 PLAN ships have been spotted around our region as of 17:00 (GMT+8). #ROCArmedForces has been monitoring the situation and responding to these activities with CAP aircraft, naval vessels and land-based missile systems,” Taiwan’s defense ministry tweeted.

Twenty-one of these aircraft were discovered flying over the Southwest Air Defense Identification Zone and the Eastern Midline of the Taiwan Strait (ADIZ). The Ministry of Defense of Taiwan has named the following aircraft: JH-7, CH-4, SU-30*2, J-11*4, J-16*8, BZK-005, Y-8 ASW*2, KJ -500, and WZ-7.

As Taiwan’s defense ministry reports almost daily, this Chinese activity is not a unique incident.

Also, on Saturday, 9 planes of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and 2 of its navy ships were spotted in the Taiwan area. The Armed Forces of the Republic of China monitored the situation and reacted to these actions.

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