51 Days Booster Time Table to prepare UPPSC


51 Days Booster Time Table To prepare UPPSC 2020


Exam Date: 21 June

Target to Complete Course-15 June

Days remaining: 51 Days


Major Challenge of Exam—–> Pressure Handling During Exam period( while giving exam)


Tips to handle Pressure during exam—>


1- Give Mock Tests As Much You Can.

Give exams at your home, just as you are giving a real exam in the examination hall. Be honest, give the same time and no hindrance while giving the exam in your home. Give a Real test. Attempt, Attempt and Attempt as many exams you can.


2- Test-Hard


Give only 5 to 6 days to cover Fundamental rights. Do not give 30 days long time to read fundamental rights. Be very cruel to yourself, be honest and strict to yourself. Be a fast learner.


3- Aim for the Stars


Just give your best in your first attempt. Don’t make your mindset for a second or third attempt. Always dream high, dream for stars. 


4- Focus on One- Focus on doing one thing at one time


Do not mess with multiple exams, do not make different targets. Don’t make options, just decide and work hard for one


5- Make No excuses anytime


  • There are thousands of reasons to win
  • Also, there are thousands of reasons to lose


So, do not let even one reason or excuse that lets you fail.


6- Information Filter- 


Do not believe in rumors. Only visit the official website of UPPSC, to get the right information regarding syllabus, and all other coming notifications. Don’t rush for multiple courses, books, and unusual suggestions. Don’t mess with so many options, just give your time to select and find out one course or learning option on which you are comfortable with. Work on it with dedication, and cover syllabus, as much as you can. 


Again doing so, don’t miss the pattern of Giving MOCK Tests Occasionally. 


7- Covering The Syllabus in chunks


If you are said to eat the elephant as a whole, you can’t. You will break it into small pieces, only then  you can eat the whole elephant after some time. You can’t do it at once. 


Same concept applies for the UPPSC 2020. Don’t try to get overwhelmed ( worried ) by reading whole syllabus, and cover it at once. It will only give you confusion. Just break the complete syllabus in small packets of preparation.


8- You are not the first one to attempt the Exam


Thousands of examples of people you will find when people clear exams even in first attempt. Passing UPPSC 2020 is not like a first man moon mission as Neil Armstrong did, and no other man reached before. If others can do it, then why can’t you. Always build this sense of motivation.

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9- Discipline is The Secret!


  • Maintain speed of Learning
  • Keep maintaining Consistency
  • Neither get Bored, nor make excuses
  • Do not change plans regarding exams and focus


10- Get Excited, and replace it with nervousness.


Tip: Always be true to yourself, honest with your preparation. Only you know how much you have studied, and how much you  know. So, being honest in yourself will help you analyze where you stand, and how more effort you need to make further.


Remember: “First Attempt is Not a Trial Attempt”


Finally-Time Table


Daily Basis- Total 11 Hours


Six hours- Give to Static Syllabus ( core subject)

Three hours: For Current Affairs including News paper reading, Daily quiz, and course books. Daily read the newspaper, and check what questions are created today from it.

One Hour- Attempt one paper everyday with full concentration.

One Hour: Revise Static syllabus everyday


Weekend ( Sunday)- 6 Hours


6 Hours: Only Revise the whole course and syllabus you completed in weekdays

Rest Time: Take rest and spend your time for refreshing, and enjoyment to freshen your mind for next weekend.


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