58,685 challans issued for breaking traffic rules in Noida, Greater…


Noida: According to data, a total of 58,685 challans were issued for traffic violations in Noida and Greater Noida during the 15-day ‘Traffic Discipline’ campaign. In addition, the police confiscated nearly 1,000 vehicles during the drive.

The campaign was launched on April 28 and focused on checking wrong lane driving, illegal parking and other violations. According to the information, of the 58,685 tickets, 7,792 were for driving or riding in the wrong lane, and 14,430 were for parking violations. 1,128 vehicles were impounded, of which 996 were impounded for violation of rules and FIRs were also registered in five cases. The total penalty collected is Rs 4,91,600 (Rs 4.91 lakh).

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Anil Kumar Yadav said, “The campaign has been successful, but we have identified some (traffic violation) hotspots where we will continue to enforce traffic rules.”

He added, “At some places where we have noticed bad lane driving due to structural issues, we will communicate with the Noida authority to resolve the issues.”

He added, “A significant fact that emerged during the campaign was that many vehicles, including commercial carriers, were found traveling in the wrong lane. We will soon start lodging FIRs in such cases for stricter action against such commuters.”

While advising the people on traffic rules, he said, “People should follow the traffic rules for their own safety and the safety of others. For example, they can take an extra 100 meters to make a turn instead of taking shortcuts. This way you can prevent accidents and ensure road safety.”

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