81-year-old Barbara turns Fatima to marry a Pakistani man


New Delhi: A man from Pakistan and a woman from Poland who met on social media decided to marry each other. But the interesting thing about this relationship is the age difference between the two. They both met on Facebook and now decided to marry each other. Let us know more about this fun love story.

Barbara, an elderly woman living in Poland, met 28-year-old Hafez Nadim on Facebook. Both of them used to talk and gradually fell in love. The woman arrived in Kajipur in Hafizabad, where her lover Nadim lived. The two became so in love that they got married in November 2021. After the marriage, Barbara became Fatima. Now a video of him is spreading on social media in which he openly talks about his relationship.

Nadim gave up 18 years to marry 81 years

On the issue of marrying an old woman, Nadim says that he fell in love. She is very beautiful and wonderful. That’s why they got married. The biggest thing was that Nadim’s marriage was stable with an 18-year-old girl. He was about to get married 5 days ago. But he broke off that relationship and married Fatima. Although there was a language problem between the two, they also found a solution for that as well.

The couple don’t understand each other’s language

Nadim, who runs a spare parts store, does not know English and neither does Fatima. While Nadim speaks Urdu, she knows the local language. In such a situation, both of them use smartphones to communicate with each other. It has been a year since their marriage, they have understood each other very well and Fatima has started to speak a little Urdu too.

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