84-year-old Bihar man ‘repeatedly’ took COVID vaccines, caught before his 12th dose


Patna: In a bizarre case, an 84-year-old man from Bihar’s Madhepura has claimed to have taken 11 COVID-19 vaccine doses. 80-year-old Brahmdev Mandal, a resident of Orai village under Puraini police station area, even confirmed that he has got rid of several diseases after taking the vaccine several times.

The shocking incident came to light on Tuesday when Brahmadev went to a vaccination site to take his 12th dose. Brahmdev said he visited several vaccination centers on different dates and took the vaccine using his Aadhar card and mobile number.

The retired postal department employee said that he took 11 doses as the vaccines had a beneficial effect on him, adding, “I benefited a lot from the vaccine. That’s why I’m taking it over and over again.”

He noted down the dates of vaccination in his diary and showed it to the media. Brahmdev took his first dose on February 13, 2021 at the old PHC and the second on March 13 at the same centre.

The shocking thing is that even though his vaccination should have ended, he went to another center on May 19, a third at his Orai village sub-health center and a fourth time at the center at the door of local PDS dealer Bhupendra Bhagat. took. June 16.

That was not the end, however, as he went to the old Badi-Haat camp on 24 July and got his fifth job, while the sixth one got him on 31 August last year at a camp held at the local Nath Baba temple.

Brahmdev revealed that he got his 7th and 8th job at Bari Haat School Camp on September 11 and 22 respectively, while he took the ninth job at Kalasan PHC on September 24.

Meanwhile, Madhepura Civil Surgeon AN Shahi said that an investigation has been started as to how a person can take so many doses of Kovid vaccine on one Aadhaar card and mobile number.

According to reports, health department officials claimed that the system could be spoofed in the offline camps. According to him Aadhar cards and phone numbers are collected in the camps and later fed into the database. However, sometimes the description is rejected if it is repeated.

First Published:January 6, 2022, 1 pm

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