a 17-year-old who went to defecate in the field was found dead; suspected of rape


Lucknow: A 17-year-old girl was found dead in Dubagha district of Lucknow district in Uttar Pradesh where it is feared that the victim would first be raped and then killed with a sharp weapon.

Police seized a bloodied knife lying near the corpse and were sent to report the body. The accused attacked the girl on the neck, spraying statin blood everywhere including the water bottle the girl had brought.

The incident caused an uproar in the area as the girl went to the square to relieve herself.

Meanwhile, the police said that the family did not suspect anyone of this and had no idea why the girl was attacked. However, after talking with the villagers, there is a suspicion of a love angle in the matter, the police confirmed.

After the incident emerged, several political parties, including the Adami Public Party unit in Uttar Pradesh, prompted questions about the security of women in the state.

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