A 9-year-old child dies after being beaten by a teacher

New Delhi: A heartbreaking incident has come to light from Jalore, Rajasthan. Here a teacher beat up a child so badly that it died. According to the information, a 3rd grade student, Indra Meghwal, was severely beaten by her teacher Chhail Singh.

The teacher hit the student for touching an earthenware pot of water. The student was taken to a hospital in Ahmedabad, where he succumbed to his injuries on August 13.

Jalore police were informed via tweet

Also the statement of the Jalore police has been released in this matter. Jalore Police tweeted that the investigation into said incident was being conducted by CO Jalore after the case was registered at Sayla Police Station. The District Superintendent of Police Jalore and CO Jalore took the matter seriously and reached the place where they started the investigation. The accused was tied up and taken away.

Chandra Shekhar Azad condemned the incident

Chandra Shekhar Azad took to Twitter and wrote: “The country is celebrating the nectar festival of independence. On the other hand, when he touched the pot of water, he was hit so badly that he lost his life.”

He continued: “Even after 75 years of independence, a 9-year-old Dalit child in Jalore fell victim to the caste system. We don’t even have the freedom to touch the water pot! Then why are you hitting the wrong slogan of freedom?”

Was taken to many hospitals but died

According to the family of the deceased child, Indra Kumar was thirsty. He accidentally drank water from “another” pot. Seeing this, the teacher Chhail Singh called him casteist words and hit him severely.

This caused an internal injury to his right ear. Because of severe ear pain, Indra went to his father’s shop, took medicine from the doctor’s office, and went home. However, when the boy’s pain became unbearable, he was taken to various hospitals. They took the child to Bajrang Hospital Bagoda, Aastha Hospital Bhinmal, Triveni Hospital Bhinmal, Karni Hospital Deesa Mehsana, Geetanjali Udaipur and Civil Hospital Ahmedabad. The boy lost his life today. His legal guardians informed him that they were seeking treatment and he was therefore belated in reporting the entire incident.

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