‘A common candidate to be next Presidential candidate’: Opposition


New Delhi: A Press Conference was carried out by the leaders of almost all the opposition parties of India. The leaders have collectively given a statement to unanimously accept a common candidate for the position of the next President of India. 

Before the Press Conference the representatives of all the opposition parties held a meeting. They collectively decided on affirming the name of a candidate who is likely to belong to a common family, giving the hint of a common man of India.. 

Sudheendra Kulkarni while addressing the Press Conference said, “It’s a very small resolution adopted by all the opposition parties that were present at today’s meeting. In the forthcoming Presidential election, which is being held in the year of the 75th anniversary of India’s independence. We have decided to field a common candidate who can truly serve as the custodian of the Constitution and stop the Modi government from doing further damage to Indian democracy and India’s social fabric.”

first published:June 15, 2022, 5:24 p.m.

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