A huge fire breaks out in the Russian Café; 13 died, 250 were evacuated


New Delhi: A sudden fire broke out in a cafe in Russia, killing 13 people, and around 250 people have been safely evacuated. The case is from a cafe in Kostroma. It is said that a fire suddenly broke out in the cafe on Saturday evening. There is no definite information on the cause of the fire.

At least 13 people caught fire

“According to preliminary information, 13 people caught fire,” local governor Sergei Sitnikov said. Russian news agencies reported that 250 people had been evacuated from the building after a fire broke out overnight in the town about 300 kilometers northeast of Moscow.

The Polygon Café was on fire

Sitnikov said there was a fire in a cafe called Polygon. After receiving information about the fire, the fire department arrived and extinguished the fire. At least five others were injured but did not need to be taken to hospital, he said.

The local rescue services said that they received a report about the fire at around 02:00 and the fire had spread to 3,500 square meters. A preliminary investigation has revealed that the fire started when someone fired a gun during an argument. The case is currently under investigation. At the same time, they are looking for the person who used the torch.

A similar incident happened in Russia in 2009. More than 150 people died in a fire in the Lem Horse nightclub in the city of Perm.

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