A man crushes while repairing a car!


New Delhi: Repairing a faulty vehicle is a task that requires technical expertise and knowledge of the necessary precautions when working on a faulty vehicle. The task is best handled by professionals who excel in it or are trained with the necessary knowledge.

However, a lot of times people take matters into their own hands and try to solve a technical problem they don’t know about. A video of a similar accident of a man trying to fix a car crash has gone viral on the internet. While it is not certain whether or not the man in the video was a professional mechanic, the incident leads us to believe the latter.

Now a viral video shows a mechanic opening the hood of a car from the inside and later returning to inspect the car’s mechanical parts. The mechanic can later see an accident making some changes to the front of the car.

Depending on the scenario, he might have been trying to start the car, which starts out of nowhere, accelerates, and crashes into the steel gate in front of him, while the mechanic crashes between the hood and the steel gate. The mechanic in the video appears to have been seriously injured. At the end of the video, people come together to help in any way they can.

A video of the entire incident was posted on Twitter under the name Deepak Prabhu. “If a motorized car breaks down, never stop in front of it,” the video caption read. He added: Please warn your friends and relatives. Share this message as an example.” The video now has more than 738 thousand views and about 13 thousand likes on the microblogging site.

Many social media users tried to guess the nature of the car’s gearbox after watching the viral video. One social media user commented on the post saying, “This car is not an AT but an MT. Many people put it in first gear without using the handbrake when parking. They forget that the car has a gear.” When trying to start the car. All modern AT vehicles have many safety features to prevent such accidents.”

While one user disputed conjectures that it was an MT, saying, “No, this is an AMT model because the MT will only start if the clutch is depressed. What I get is that it turned me on to Drive.” Gear (D) then tried to engage the engine for a while and when the car started moving, it started moving because it didn’t need the clutch to work.”

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