A man with a silver spoon but also a heart of gold


Hothur foundation was founded by business tycoon Hothur Shadab Wahab to uplift the economically backward and provide educational, medical and mental support to the challenged. Today, it also works for the rehabilitation and constructive needs of acid attack survivors, and exposing and protecting those exploited, while exacerbating pre-existing inequalities, especially gender inequality. As it extends to rehabilitation and counseling for survivors, everyone is provided with any form of help related to hunger, poverty, medical care and support.

Hothur Shadab Wahab always had a vision that overlooked a world with equal rights, which contributes to equal life and opportunities for all. Through a vigorous step-by-step process, their initiatives were categorically established to help economically challenged and culturally vulnerable groups of people. While it provides its services and resources to program areas such as education, safety and security, health and nutrition and participation, it has now also added maternity care to its charitable work and there more initiatives to come.

With years of experience highlighting the untold stories of the exploited, Wahab believes that it is usually the poor and discriminated against who pay the price of life in this world. Making it your primary goal and focus to change this, giving back has become a conscientiously followed tradition in the Hothur family.

Advocating the cause of women’s empowerment, the foundation is currently sheltering suffering women and their children in safe houses, while helping them return to a normal life by providing psychological counseling, rehabilitative therapy, financial aid and medical treatment They also extend their support and help to women who have suffered acid attacks, an extreme form of gender-based violence.

Surely Wahab is making the most of his resources to get back into the world. Although he may lead a luxurious lifestyle on his own, his goal is to create a world that is equal for all and the Hothur Foundation is leading the nation towards this goal step by step.

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