A painful story of a woman with maternal uncle and in-laws.


I still remember that first morning in the in-laws’ house. How much did you get up in a hurry, thinking that it is late and what everyone will think?
Only one night has passed in the new house and so much change, as if a bird flying in the sky has been locked in a cage by someone with the lure of gold pearls.
The first few days just passed by. We went out for a walk. When she came back, there was happiness in the eyes of the mother-in-law, but I only saw it for my son.
Thought, maybe there is a new relationship, it takes time to understand each other It will take But time soon realized that I am the daughter-in-law here. I can’t live like I want. There are some rules, limits, which I have to follow. Talking slowly, laughing softly, eating after everyone’s meal, all these habits, as if they came on their own.
Sometimes there was talk with the mother in the house. Slowly the memory of Pehar started haunting. Asked in the in-laws’ house, it was said – * not now, after a few days *.
The husband who had told my parents a few days ago that * he is near, will come anytime, his tone was also changed.
Now slowly I was understanding that marriage is not a game. In this, not only the house changes, but your whole life changes.
You can never get up and go to your feet. Even if you remember, even your peers cannot come without asking.
That thoughtlessness of Pehar, that outrageous laughter, that chubby mouth touching anything in the kitchen, getting up whenever the mind wants, sleeping, taking a bath, all are just memories now.
Now I was beginning to understand, why at the time of farewell, everyone was hugging me and crying? Actually, he was feeling the feeling of being away from me, but there was another thing, which was bothering him inside, that the truth from which he kept me away for so many years, now he will come in front of me. .

Papa’s lie that I am a son not his daughter, will not be able to hide it anymore. His biggest concern was, * now his son, who was never made to feel like a daughter, how will he accept such a big truth of life?
The mother was worried that her daughter never raised a glass of water, so how would she take the responsibility of such a big family?
Everyone knew the meaning of this farewell and my alienation, except me. That’s why everyone was crying as if I am going in the earth, not in the doli.

Today I understood that his crying was not wrong. The rule of our society is this, once the daughter leaves in the doli, then she is just a guest, of the house. Then no matter how much someone may say that this house is still his own? The truth is that now she can’t come to her house, which is called Maika, anytime. When thousands of problems and troubles come
The same has to be solved by laughing, hiding the sorrow
Is this not less than penance?
To do good work by improving the unknown place.
what would you say???

Written by – Meena Gupta je

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