A series of kidnappers attack a female journalist near the Kashmir Gate


New Delhi: The terror of chain-snatchers is growing in the national capital, Delhi. This time the miscreants attacked a journalist. Simran Singh working for News 24 was a victim of a serial kidnapping incident. The accident occurred on Sunday morning at approximately 06:30 AM. At that time, Simran had left her home to go to the office and was waiting for her taxi.

Delhi: A chain hijacker in the national capital Fearlessly, a female journalist was robbed near a police booth

She was waiting for the office taxi near the Kashmir Gate bus stand. Suddenly two of the miscreants carried out the robbery with her. Simran says both thieves came on a bike with their faces covered. Apart from this, they also wore a hat on their heads.

According to Simran, one of the two young men was sitting on the bike. While the other came down and approached and stole his chain from behind by slapping his throat. Later both miscreants escaped on the bike.

The amazing thing here is that this incident took place a few meters away from a police booth located at the Kashmir Gate. Simran says she deliberately chose the same place to wait for the taxi, as she felt safe there due to its proximity to the police station. But this incident shows that the criminals are not afraid of the Delhi Police.

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