A speeding car threw four members of her family off the Nagpur Bridge, and they all died


Nagpur: Four family members, including two children, were killed and two others injured after a car collided with three motorbikes on the Sakkardara overpass in Nagpur on Friday night.

In this tragic accident, four people on motorcycles were thrown into the air and thrown 70-80 feet before hitting the ground. The four were unable to survive the accident. Two passengers died on the spot, while the other two died of their injuries in hospital.

According to reports, the uncontrolled four-wheeler collided with two wheels on the Sakkardara overpass at night around 10:30 pm. The four people were thrown off the bridge. Two died on the spot, while the other two succumbed to their injuries in a nearby hospital.

Among the dead were a man, a woman and two children.

Police arrest driver

The Turkish news agency (BTI) quoted a police official as saying that the SUV driver (Ganesh Adhav) was arrested at a later time.

“Adhav was driving very fast. When he reached the bridge, the car collided with three motorbikes coming from the opposite direction,” said the Sakardara police station official.

“Due to the collision, four members of a family who were riding one of the motorcycles fell into the air and fell on the road below from the overpass. They were urgently taken to the hospital, where the doctors declared them dead.”

He said the dead were Vinod Khapkar, 45, his mother, Laxmibai, 65, and his two sons, aged five and eleven.

On the other hand, two others sustained serious injuries and were taken to a nearby hospital and are under treatment.

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