A woman kills a young man by kissing him, know the details


The woman had arrived at the prison to meet the prisoner. The woman kissed the prisoner during the meeting. The prisoner died shortly after this. After the prisoner’s death, the woman was charged with murder and arrested.

America is the target of the case. A man named Joshua Brown was serving time in a Tennessee prison. Rachel Dollard had arrived to meet him. When Rachel met Brown, the drug methamphetamine was hidden in his mouth. They both kissed. During this time, Rachel transferred the medicine from her mouth to Brown’s mouth. Brown then counted the entire dose at once.

The medicine weighed about 14 grams. Brown died of a drug overdose. Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) agents arrested Rachel Dollard after the man’s death.

Rachel was arrested and taken to jail. He has been booked into the Hickman County Jail by the Tennessee Department of Corrections. Joshun Browne was sentenced to 11 years in prison after being found guilty in a drug-related case. His sentence was set to expire in 2029.

Authorities say Rachel gave Brown drugs earlier in February under the guise of a meeting. Rachel agreed to this during questioning. Following this incident, the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) issued a statement stating, “From now on, law and order in our prison will be further tightened.” In order to prevent such an accident from happening again, the meeting of prisoners and the bringing of possible foreign objects will be thoroughly investigated.

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