New Delhi: A youth called the girl on the pretext of his brother’s accident in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. He then took her to the room and raped her. During this, when the girl started screaming, the accused threw her down from the two-storey building.

In Rajasthan’s Bhilwara town, a young man called a girl after telling her fake news about his brother’s accident. He then raped her and threw her off the roof. The police have arrested the accused.

Here’s what the victim said

The victim girl said that she was going to the market, then a young man named Irfan came to me and said that his brother met with an accident. The victim said, “On this pretext, the accused made her sit on an Activa scooter and took her to the water plant in Subhash Nagar.”

The girl said that when I asked her where her brother is, she told me that he was inside the room and after I took her there and locked the room, she started doing bad things to me. The girl said that accused Irfan raped her.

People heard the girl’s scream

According to the victim, when she started screaming, people gathered outside, seeing that they had thrown her from the two-story building by opening the window and threatening to kill her. The girl suffered injuries to her arm and waist. The victim said he did not know the accused beforehand.

At the same time, regarding this rape incident, DSP Sadar Ramchandra said that a boy named Irfan took a girl luring her in the name of brother’s accident and raped her. After registering the case at Subhash Nagar police station, Irfan has been arrested. The victim’s statement is being recorded and a medical examination is being done, after which legal action will be initiated against the accused.


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