AAP alleges ‘Rs 35 scam’ in construction of BJP-ruled MCD’s Purnima Sethi Hospital


New Delhi: The Aam Aadmi Party on Sunday exposed a scam of $35 million in the construction of Purnima Sethi Hospital of the BJP-ruled MCD. Senior AAP leader and MLA Atishi said, “In 2005, Purnima Sethi Hospital was sanctioned at a cost of 6.70 crores, till date BJP has spent 35 crores, but the hospital still it is incomplete.BJP promised a multi specialty hospital but it has completely failed.On one hand Kejriwal govt is building world class hospitals and Mohalla clinics on the other hand BJP is failing even on time of building a hospital. Deliites have decided, now also Kejriwal model in MCD”

AAP MLA Atishi said, “For the last 15 years, the BJP has been in power in the MCD. In these 15 years, the BJP has done only two things: corruption and bad governance. The people of Delhi seem to be suffering because of these two things of BJP.One of the most important example which highlights these two things is Purnima Sethi Hospital in Kalkaji.It was in 2005 that MCD started construction of this hospital.This was to be a 100-bed multi-specialty hospital. The total cost of construction of this hospital was to be Rs 6.70 crore. Now it is 2022 and the construction of this hospital is still not completed.”

He also added that “A hospital which was started in 2005 at a cost of Rs 6.70 crore had spent more than Rs 35 crore till 2015. I want to ask the BJP-ruled MCD where 35 million rupees have been spent, because the hospital is not ready yet. This was to be built for only 6.70 million rupees. Even after spending so much, still only the ground floor and the first floor of the hospital are functional. The rest of the hospital is not ready yet. The multi-specialty services that this hospital was supposed to give to the people of Kalkaji and Delhi have not yet started. This is a classic example of evil 15-year BJP-ruled MCD government.”

He added, “Just look at the works of the Delhi government in contrast to this. We have been able to set up a Mohalla Clinic in almost every area of ​​the city. We have also been able to provide free medicines and tests to the people of the state. Recently also we have started Mahila Mohalla Clinics which will cater especially to the needs of women. We have also started multi-specialty hospitals like Indira Gandhi Hospital in Dwarka or Burari and Ambedkar Nagar hospitals.”

He continued, “The MCD, on the other hand, has not been able to start multi-specialty services here. The Kejriwal government, on the other hand, has increased the number of beds in the Indira Gandhi Hospital from 700 to 1,200 and from similarly he has increased the beds in Burari from 200 to 750 beds. It is a hospital with five star facilities. Ambedkar Nagar hospital was supposed to be a 200 bed facility and it has been increased to 650 beds. This hospital can give competition to any private hospital in the country”.

He concluded, “While CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal represents the truth and faith of the people, the BJP ruled MCD highlights corruption and misgovernance. Hence, the people of Delhi will vote for AAP on 4 December and will also bring them to power in the MCD.”

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