AAP hops on 'Levitating' trend on Instagram reels


New Delhi: Do you think Instagram Reels are only for influencers? Well, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) just proved you wrong. The Arvind Kejriwal-led party on Wednesday posted a reel on their Instagram page using the viral “You want me” trend on the tunes of singer Dua Lipa’s hit number ‘Levitating’.

The reel, of course, had a political message and showed how citizens “want” Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, and reject PM Narendra Modi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. The trend uses multiple options to the question “You want me?” to which only the final option gets a yes. The trend is a hit among content creators on Instagram and has been used for millions of videos.

The reel by AAP starts with a photo of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to which the background says, ‘You want me’, but the response is ‘No’. The response is attributed to citizens. Then comes a still of former Congress president Rahul Gandhi with the same question and answer. Then comes AAP chief Kejriwal and the response via the song is “we want you”.

The video then shows a montage of videos and images of the Delhi Chief Minister and the infrastructure that his government claims to have completed in the state. It is followed by a list of the party’s policies. 

It concludes with a video of Kejriwal speaking during a public address and saying, “All of you (supporters) have together given me this very important seat (of chief minister). People think of me as their son, their brother, this is a huge thing for me.”

The use of social media by political parties is not new, but the use of Instagram reels is a recent phenomenon. Earlier, Rahul Gandhi’s Instagram handle had posted a reel sarcastically wishing PM Modi a ‘Happy Friendship Day’ using his photos with Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani and Gautam Adani to ‘I’ll be there for you’, the theme song of super-hit sitcom ‘Friends’. Gandhi has often alleged that the government is run by Ambanis and Adani.

The video from AAP comes after the party criticized the Congress government in Punjab and dubbed the formation of a poll manifesto implementation panel by Chief Minister Amarinder Singh as a move to “mislead people”. 

On Tuesday, AAP appointed 18 more constituency in-charges in Punjab, assigning them the task “to strengthen the party at the constituency level”. Earlier, the party had appointed another 47 constituency in-charges. 

AAP had also asserted earlier that it would be contesting in all 403 Assembly seats in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh. Senior party leader Sanjay Singh had said it would be a mistake to consider AAP a minnow as it emerged “stronger” than the Congress in the recently held panchayat polls in the state.


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