Abdo Rizek orders this for Archana Gautam, the last…


New Delhi: Abdo Rozek has become the new captain of Bigg Boss 16 and is doing his best to prove himself as the best leader on the show. Abdo Rogic is the best contestant on the show who has played a great match right from the start. His fan following has also grown a lot and fans are eager to see him on the show. At the same time, a new video of Bigg Boss 16 has appeared.

Colors TV has shared a video on their Instagram account. In the video, Abdo is seen calling “Big Boss”. Abdu Rogic first asked Bro Shiv what drink he would be drinking, as Shiva says, “orange juice and pineapple juice.” After this Abdo Rogic says that only one. He asks for juice for everyone. But during this Archana forgot.

When Shiv Abdu asks what he will order for Archana, he said “bass” (poison). This promotional video is increasingly spreading on social media, to know the fans who are commenting and engaging heavily. Let us tell you, Abdo Rogic has become the life of the series and his cool Maula style is driving fans crazy with him.

Abdo Rojek orders poison to Archana

Abdu Rizek is very close to Salman Khan which is why Abduh Rizek is also called Chhota Bhaijaan. He is getting a lot of love in India, with many of his videos going viral on social media. On the other hand, after getting Archana’s “poison”, now should we see what Archana says? Don’t forget to watch Bigg Boss every Monday to Friday at 10pm and Saturday to Sunday at 9pm only on colours. You can watch anytime on Voot.

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