Adele gifts old English teacher and family special diamond package tickets to watch her perform live at Hyde Park


Adele reunited with her teacher on stage during the An Audience With Adele concert special. It was the singer’s first concert in the UK in four years.

London: Teachers are undoubtedly one of our biggest inspirations in life. They not only teach us valuable information from text books but also provide knowledge which helps us in life and become better persons and citizens of the society. It seems that popular British singer Adele feels the same way. The Skyfall singer reportedly paid her high school teacher around Rs. 50,000 so that he can watch his performance live in Hyde Park.

According to reports, during An Audience With Adele concert special, Adele reunited with her teacher on stage. It was the singer’s first concert in the UK in four years.

According to a report in The Sun, when actress Emma Thompson asked Adele what prompted her to only appear in front of her old English teacher, Ms McDonald. Hello singer was in tears seeing her teacher in front of her. The incident seems to have made quite an impression on the 33-year-old singer, who offered her former teacher and her family diamond package tickets to see her perform next July.

A source told the publication that Ms McDonald touched the hearts of everyone watching, but above all she touched Adele’s heart, so much so that she made her team contact her teacher so the singer could reach out to them again.

This resulted in the singer gifting her teacher an amazing ticket package that surely a lot of people would be dying for.

“Adele wants to make sure she and her family have the best time ever and wants nothing more than to be treated to Ms McDonald,” the source said.

During the show, the singer talked about the effect the teacher had on her, after which the host revealed that she was indeed in the audience.

Calling Ms McDonald “bloody cool”, the singer revealed that she only got one year in eighth grade, but it was she who got her involved in literature, adding, “I’ve always had a passion for English And of course now I write songs.”

First published:November 27, 2021, 6:02 am

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