AFC to investigate ‘delayed arrival of shoes’


New Delhi: The FIFA U-17 World Cup started in India. Meanwhile, a debate erupted. According to reports, the Indian players received the sneakers on the day of their first match against the United States. The All India Football Association (AIFF) has been informed about the boots that were discovered on match day.

AIFF will investigate the late boots of four players in the FIFA U-17 World Cup squad. Shaji Prabhakaran, FIFA Secretary General, said that they had requested a report from the national team management about the lack of a shipment of new shoes on time. He stated that if action was required, it would be taken.

Investigation will begin

“After reviewing the initial report, we will launch an investigation to find out the facts and assign blame,” Prabhakaran told PTI on Thursday.

Some players were reported to have ordered new boots last month, but were delayed because they were brought in via ground transportation.

According to Prabhakaran, the FIFA was still unaware of the reasons for the delay in providing the shoes to the players, and so the report was requested.

You may feel uncomfortable

“We have requested a report from the AFC national team team.” We don’t know all the facts about what happened.”

“We know that three to four players who were wearing undersized shoes sought out new shoes, but those shoes arrived late.”

Since it takes time for a soccer player to adjust to a new shoe, he may feel uncomfortable on the first day.

On Tuesday, India defeated the United States with a score of 0-8.

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