African children as ace in Nora Fateh’s “Dirty Little Secret” dance challenge


Video going viral: Netizens like to follow current trends in social media. They never miss a chance to try popular internet challenges. One of the latest trends is the exciting new dance challenge #dirtylittlesecret. It is the latest music video by Nora Fateh and Zack Knight which is quite popular on social media. Now, Nora took to her official Instagram handle and shared a video of Ugandan children in the ‘Dirty Little Secret’ challenge.

The viral clip shows a group of African kids grooving to the catchy beats of Dirty Little Secret. With the song playing in the background, they synchronized their steps perfectly, matching the upbeat nature of the song.

Considering the killer’s movements on display, it’s not hard to see why the video has gone viral. In addition to millions of likes, the clip has been liked more than 188,000 times.

People left their amazement at the challenge. “They are so good,” one user commented. “It’s the best show of the challenge,” added another. “Love it,” a third user commented.

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