Aftab kills his living partner Shraddha, cutting the body into 35 pieces


New Delhi: A horrific situation has emerged in the national capital, New Delhi. Here it is alleged that a man strangled his partner to death. He then cut her body into 35 pieces and dumped her in the Mahruli forests for 18 days. Allegedly, the man used to go out around 2am every day to unpack his body parts.

The accused was identified as Aftab Amin Poonawala who was living with her partner Shraddha. He strangled her to death on May 18 after a fight between them. Then he chopped it up over the next 18 days. He used to get rid of body parts in deaf spots in the Mahruli Forest.

Swati Maliwal posted on Twitter

The chairwoman of the Delhi Women’s Commission, Swati Maliwal, posted on Twitter in this regard. She wrote, “In a heart-wrenching case, a girl was killed by her boyfriend in Delhi and kept in the fridge in 35 pieces! His body parts were dumped in scattered parts of the city. How do the poor live in the community? The police have arrested the accused, and the rapist should be severely punished.”

Shraddha met Aftab at a call center

Sharada, 26, was working in a call center where she met Aftab. They started dating and gradually moved in together. However, her family did not approve of their relationship, and therefore the couple ran away and moved to Delhi. Here, they began to live in an apartment in Mehrauli.

Shraddha has stopped answering the family’s call

Shraddha stopped responding to her family’s call. Her father, Vikas Madan, came to Delhi on November 8 to check on her. Upon arriving at the apartment, he found it locked. After that, he contacted the Mehrali Police Station to register an official complaint in this regard alleging the abduction of her daughter.

Based on the complaint, the police arrested Aftab on Saturday. It was revealed during the investigation that the two men quarreled repeatedly, as Shraddha wanted to marry him, according to police sources. The search for Shraddha’s body parts is still ongoing.

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