After 27 years of disastrous BJP rule, people now want change in Gujarat: Arvind Kejriwal


New Delhi: AAP’s national convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced his fifth guarantee to Gujarat. Addressing a town hall in Ahmedabad, he guaranteed that the AAP’s Gujarat government would pay Rs 1,000 to every woman above the age of 18. Arvind Kejriwal says, “With a pocket of one thousand rupees, daughters will be able to complete their studies by paying bus fare and fees, sisters will be able to buy fruits and milk for children even in inflation and mothers will not have to ask.” Money from husband and sons to give omen to their daughters. If money comes in the hands of the common woman, she will buy household goods, this will increase the demand for the goods and new factories will be set up to meet the demand. If more money goes into the pockets of the common man, the economy will grow further, if more money goes into the hands of the rich, the economy will be weak. These people take GST from the public and spend all the money on their friends. We will stop corruption and run the government honestly. There is no shortage of money in the government, there is only a lack of intention, if a government with good intentions comes, everything will fall.

AAP national convener and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said, “Earlier people used to say that Gujarat is BJP’s fort and there is no chance of any other party winning here. But as we are reaching out to the people, we come to know that they are fed up with the BJP. They were extremely scared of the BJP and have only now mustered up the courage to speak against them. They have come to the fore and it is clear that they want to see a change after 27 years of BJP’s misrule. They want to overthrow the BJP rule to establish a new form of politics in Gujarat.

He further said, ‘AAP has been running a positive campaign in Gujarat for several months. When we come to power, we have prepared our blueprint. We will repeat all the wonders done in Delhi. We will fulfill our promises as fast as we are doing in Punjab. We don’t make false promises. We will build schools and hospitals. We will create jobs and give employment to the youth. We will supply electricity free of cost. We only talk about issues that affect people. BJP-Congress don’t do this. They only come in front of the public to spread filth and abuse each other. The public gets nothing from this. They have an invalid setting. For the first time people have a realistic option in the form of AAP which they feel can solve their problems and bring progress in Gujarat.

He said, “When we contacted people and talked to them, they said that electricity is very expensive in Gujarat. It is impossible to pay their electricity bills due to skyrocketing inflation. Even small houses with a fan, tube light, TV and fridge are getting a bill of Rs 5-10 thousand. Due to heavy bills, they are finding it difficult to feed their children. Our first guarantee was designed with this issue in mind. Just like in Delhi and Punjab we give free electricity to every family, similarly we will give free electricity in Gujarat if we come to power. We will waive all the past pending bills. We will provide 24×7 electricity and you will get zero bill. it’s magic.”

AAP’s national convener said, “We gave our second guarantee keeping in mind that the youth of Gujarat are unemployed and under extreme stress. If we form the government, we will give employment to every youth within five years and till they get employment, we will give unemployment allowance of three thousand rupees per month. We will create 10 lakh government jobs and the whole plan is ready for this.

“Further we met the traders and they told us that they live in fear of the BJP as they constantly threaten them and raid them. We will end the Red Raj. No one will be able to threaten them. We will give them the respect and respect they deserve. They will be able to run their business as per their wish. We had a positive dialogue with them regarding all the issues affecting the traders,” he said.

He further added, “Then, we reached out to the tribal communities to talk to them about their issues. We have already given four guarantees. Today is the time to give the fifth guarantee and it is for the women of Gujarat. When AAP will form the government in Gujarat, every woman above 18 years of age will get one thousand rupees per year, if they choose it. Other political parties call it free ki rewari but we believe it is their right. It is their money that they should get back. Taxpayers money should go to the public and not to Swiss bank accounts. People may ask why we are giving one thousand rupees to the woman. This is because I know a lot of college going girls who are above the age of 18. They are meritorious and have got admission in a good college but their parents do not have money for admission in their family college. Many a times parents do not have money to pay the college fees. This money will help them to continue their studies. Also, there are many married women who are finding it difficult to run their own household as the inflation is touching the sky. Family income is not increasing as her husband’s salary has stopped but expenses are increasing continuously. This money will help them to provide nutritious food to their children by buying fruits and milk. Our mothers want to help their daughters when they come home but they are dependent on their sons or husbands. If you do not give money, the mother cannot do anything and only flirting remains. When she has these thousand rupees, she will no longer need to look at her son or husband. They will go in, open their box and happily give money to their daughters. ,

Arvind Kejriwal said, “Giving one thousand rupees to every woman will also have a huge impact on the economy. If you give money to the rich, they will buy airplanes or bungalows, but this does not improve the condition of the economy, but when you give money to a common woman, she will go to the market to buy groceries, whose As a result the economy will expand. The increase in demand has led to an increase in production. To meet this demand more factories would be required to be set up. The more money you put in the pocket of the common man, the more the economy will progress. The more money you put in the pockets of the rich, the more the economy will shrink. This is a fully crafted guarantee and those who oppose us should understand that crores of women and families will benefit from this move.”

“Some people are worried about funding for such schemes. I want to give a small example. We had promised that we would give free electricity in Punjab and people were wondering how will we get the money? We came to power in March 2022 and within three months we fulfilled what we promised. In April-June 2021, the previous government had deposited tax of Rs 15,000 crore. And in the same period next year we deposited Rs.21 thousand crores. The difference was that now an honest government is in power, from which an additional tax of 6 thousand crore rupees was collected. We need only Rs 3,000 crore to provide free electricity for one year, but instead we collected double the amount.

He insisted, “There is no dearth of money for the government, but other governments ruined their hard earned money by writing off their debts and taxes on their friends. We will end this corruption and run the government honestly.” This will be the people’s government. I have been running the Delhi government for seven years and I have learned a golden lesson. The government is not short of money but lacks will and intention. A government with good intentions can bring remarkable progress.”

He further said, “I want to raise one more issue. I received a letter from a policeman’s daughter in which she expressed her father’s pain. I want to appreciate him for the courage to write a letter to him. Gujarat CM or anyone else. Instead of writing this letter to other political party, I am also grateful for the trust they showed in me. We will try our best to maintain this trust. A lot of policemen have shared their problems with me personally. They can’t say openly but they only have expectations from you. I would like to request them to continue to discharge their duty to the best of their ability. Don’t put your job in danger but keep supporting you in every possible way. Do your best to bring us to power and I assure you that we will increase your salary.

CM Arvind Kejriwal concluded, “Today, the salary that a newly recruited policeman gets when he joins the police is just Rs 20 thousand. It is difficult to run a household with such a salary. The policemen of Gujarat get the lowest salary in the country and are working in the toughest conditions. When we come to power, we will give the highest salary in the whole country to the policemen of Gujarat. We will also improve their working conditions. They are doing a great job but after the salary hike, we are confident that they will protect the people of Gujarat to the best of their ability.”

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