After Bollywood, people are getting mad at Amazon for THIS reason


New Delhi: After Bollywood, popular anger has now flared up against the e-commerce company Amazon. While Shri Krishna’s birthday is being celebrated with pomp around the world, Amazon’s social media boycott has begun with a picture of Shri Krishna.
#Boycott_Amazon and #Boycott_ExoticIndia are trending on Twitter. The reason for this is an art painting of Shri Krishna that users have objected to.

Many users have started uninstalling the application from Amazon. While some users have tried to attract government attention on the matter. People say that the government should intervene and take action in such a matter. The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti sent a memorandum to the Subramanya Nagar Police Inspector in Bangalore on the matter.

Many users have filed complaints with ExoticIndia on this matter. Some users have complained to WhatsApp. In response, ExoticIndia has said they have removed this painting from their collection. Despite this, users say that deleting the article is not enough. We need a letter of apology and assurances that such an act will never happen again.

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