After Chandigarh University, MMS scandal in IIT Bombay; Worker made video of girl student in hostel washroom


MMS scandal: After Chandigarh University, there were also reports of students from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. It is alleged that a canteen worker of IIT Bombay took the MMS of the student present in the hostel washroom. Upon learning of the incident, the police arrested the employee of the accused canteen.

According to press reports, the university student noticed a mobile phone outside the bathroom window. He immediately notified the hostel officials. After the information, the dean arrived at the college. On the other hand, the police tried to identify the accused with the help of CCTV footage taken from outside the hostel building, but failed to identify him.

The canteen employee was arrested under Section 354-C. based on section

According to the information, five employees of the Powa police station who were working in the canteen late at night were questioned. After interrogation, one of them was booked under Section 354-C of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). was arrested under Sec. Further investigation is ongoing.

The accused’s phone is being investigated

An IIT Bombay spokesperson said the institute was not aware of the recordings on the accused’s phone. At the same time, a police officer stated that the preliminary investigation revealed that there were no recordings on the accused’s phone.

At the same time, the female students demanded increased security on campus and demanded changes, especially in the design of the bathrooms, to prevent such incidents from happening again.

At the same time, the university canteen is closed for the time being. According to reports, the canteen opens only when only women work there.

What happened at Chandigarh University?

Protests erupted in Mohali after private videos of Chandigarh University Girls Hostel students were leaked. Users of social networking sites shared videos taken in the bathroom of the girls’ hostel. According to reports, eight female students living in the hostel attempted suicide after watching their video online.

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