After US & Europe, India comes up with Amazon Air cargo


New Delhi: With its air fleet, Amazon India can now provide faster nationwide delivery. Powered by Quikjet Cargo Airlines, Amazon is now the only e-commerce platform in India with its air cargo network. These cross-country flights would certainly help Amazon further reduce the typical delivery time in India. Here are four interesting details about India’s Amazon Prime Air e-commerce business.

Flights used by Amazon Prime Air cargo?

Two Boeing 737-800 flights, operated by Quikjet Freight Airlines, will fuel Amazon’s Prime Air cargo service. These planes, which are acknowledged to have a larger cargo capacity, help Amazon to quickly transport goods from one place to another.

In which cities does Amazon Prime Air ship?

Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai all offer Amazon Prime Air shipping service. These planes allow Amazon to quickly deliver goods from its many fulfillment centers spread across four cities.

How many Indian sellers would benefit from Amazon Prime Air cargo?

The company says its Prime Air shipping service helps up to 1.1 million shippers nationwide. With a processing capacity of 2.3 million square feet, the company currently has around 43 million cubic feet of storage space in India for inventory sales. Currently, Amazon delivers to 97% of India’s PIN codes within two days of receiving an order.

Does India Only Offer Amazon Prime Air Cargo Shipping Service?

No, after the US and Europe, India is the third country to receive Amazon Prime Air shipments. Currently, Amazon operates 110 Prime Air shipments to 70 destinations worldwide. Amazon Prime Air was originally launched in the United States in 2016, and the e-commerce company continues to expand its fleet by introducing new flights.

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