Age doesn’t matter in love! 50 year old woman falls in love with 20 year old servant, read beautiful love story


Islamabad, Pakistan: In the case of ‘When you’re in love, age doesn’t matter’, a 50-year-old mistress’s heart falls on a 20-year-old’s servant and the two are inseparable. The two are together, no matter what the circumstances. And thus their love story went viral.

50-year-old Shazia lived alone at her house. His life was lonely as he had no family. His 20-year-old servant Farooq used to cook and clean food for him. Shazia’s heart started beating for her servant and she finally proposed to Farooq.

Shazia claims that she used to live alone in the house and Farooq used to take care of her by cooking her food. Farooq was also alone. They agreed to the marriage as they completed each other.

Shazia was alone

At the same time, Farooq praised Shazia and said that he never considered her as a servant, but a part of the house. She addressed him with respect. She used to read the Quran, and he wondered who did it nowadays.

He felt sorry for her as she lived alone on the balcony. Slowly she started liking him. He was shocked when she proposed, but he didn’t hesitate to answer yes.

The family was in shock about the marriage

Shazia further says that when she told her relatives about her wedding plans, they were shocked. The topic of age difference was also highlighted. However, this did not make any difference to this couple. She said that no one cared for her when she was alone. So the relatives were irrelevant. The couple tied the knot.

both can die for each other

Farooq believes that age does not affect love. Only the feeling matters. He claims that he loves Shazia so much that he will lay down his life for her.

Also, Shazia asks why can’t she give her life if she can. She might even lay down her life for him.

When asked about the salary, Shazia reveals that they both do household chores together and whatever they have now belongs to her.

According to Shazia, Farooq only cooks food today. He also claims that there was never any fight between the two.

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