Air hostess complained of vaginal bleeding treated by dentist, died


New Delhi: In a bizarre incident in Gurugram, an airline passenger died in a private hospital after being treated by a dentist for viginal bleeding which led to his death. A flight attendant was hospitalized due to bleeding, but was treated by a dentist instead of a gynecologist on June 24 last year.

The Union Home Ministry announced in a statement that flight attendant Rosy Sangma died due to medical negligence. After that, he handed over the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) investigation.

The CBI has booked the two doctors — Dr Anuj Bisnoi, managing director of Alfa Health Care and dentist Anjali Ashk — in the case. The duo has been charged under Section 304 (death by negligence) of the Indian Penal Code.

The investigating agency highlighted the hospital’s “gross negligence”, saying a patient with severe vaginal bleeding was brought in by a dentist who was unable to treat the case.

During the preliminary investigation, the police established that Rosy was hospitalized on June 24 complaining of severe pain. After that, Ashko, the dentist, was appointed as the chief doctor, Bishnoi was four and a half hours late. .

Bishnoi asked the relatives of the deceased to bring blood at 10.45 am. The patient, who was in critical condition, died, according to Bisnoi’s letter sent to the SHO of Bijwasan police.

He later provided police with additional information, claiming that she had not responded to medication and that foul play and suspected poisoning were the causes of her death.

He informed that the patient will be referred to a civilian hospital for further treatment.

“The said information is a copy, but the original 1.30 pm is written in blue ink,” news agency PTI quoted the CBI as saying.

Rosy’s discharge card was drawn up by Bisnoi and noted that her arrival time was 6 am, referral time was 12 pm, blood transfusion, serious condition, wheezing patient and referral to a higher center. However, according to the CBI, Bisnoi “did not refer” Rosy to any institution for further care.

In response to MP Agatha Sangma’s complaint to Home Minister Amit Shah, the Home Ministry directed the CBI to investigate the strange murders of Rosy and her nephew Samuel, both from Dimapur in Nagaland.

The family of the deceased claims that Rosy died as a result of hospital negligence.

The Home Office statement also claimed that Samuel’s death was caused by deliberate misconduct by medical staff.

In her letter to Shah, Agatha Sangma detailed how Rosy complained of a medical ailment, was sent to a hospital for treatment, and died there. The representative added that Samuel had filed a complaint regarding the circumstances of his aunt’s death, alleging medical malpractice at the hospital.

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