Air quality in Delhi-NCR is improving slightly, but still in poor category


Air pollution: Due to the recent improvement in overall air quality in Delhi-NCR, the Central Government panel has withdrawn the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) Phase 4, which means that entry of trucks and non-BS 6 diesel light motor vehicles will no longer be prohibited. are allowed. However, the current ban on non-essential construction activities in GRAP-3 would be maintained.

GRAP Action Plan

The GRAP is an emergency action plan activated to prevent further deterioration of adverse air quality scenarios in the NCR. GRAP phase 3 is still valid. As a result, the ban on construction and demolition activities will remain in force in the entire NCR region except for rail traffic, metro rail traffic including stations and other essential operations.

According to the National Capital Region Air Quality Management Commission (CAQM), “NCR/GNCTD state governments may impose restrictions on BS III petrol and BS IV diesel for LMVS under Phase III (4-wheelers). Choose a cleaner commute: carpool, use public transport, walk or cycle to work.”

CAQM report

According to CAQM, the current AQI level in Delhi is around 339, which is around 111 AQI points below the threshold for GRAP Phase IV actions (Delhi AQI > 450) and preventive/mitigative/restrictive actions for all phases up to one year. Phase IV is ongoing, so AQI improvement is likely to be continuous. The IMD/IITM forecast also does not indicate a steep decline.

The forecasts also showed a significant improvement around 5.11. and 6 November 2022; therefore, the subcommittee decided to review the situation again on 6 November 2022, invoking GRAP phase IV.

Monday Meeting

In line with the National Capital Region Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) orders today, Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai will chair a meeting on Monday to discuss removing 50 per cent domestic work and reopening primary schools.

In a statement, the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change said, “After a comprehensive review of the overall air quality parameters of Delhi-NCR, the Commission found that due to the IMD/IITM forecast, it does not indicate a sharp deterioration in the overall air quality of Delhi. In the coming days, NCR is advised to relax the restrictions and withdraw Phase IV of GRAP immediately across NCR.

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