Al-Naaz Norouzi from “Sacred Games” strips herself naked


New Delhi: Actor Elnaaz Norouzi has joined the ongoing protests in Iran and has also shown a unique way to do so. She took to Instagram and posted a video. She can be seen in the video removing different layers of the clothes she’s wearing.

From wearing a burqa to wearing topless

The Sacred Games actress stripped off multiple layers of the clothes she was wearing. go wear burqa Become topless in a matter of minutes.

The video begins with Elnaz wearing a burqa that covers her entire body. Only her eyes are not covered. Then she takes off her headscarf and then the burqa. After removing a few layers of fabric, she then appeared in a denim outfit.

She again takes off a couple of clothes and looks at the camera when she is on top of a crop. Towards the end the only cloth left was her undergarment. Then she removes her bikini and goes completely topless while covering her breasts with her hand.

My body is my choice

The video is also documented with back-to-back scripts. The first set of text is “My Body, My Choice”. It is followed by “If it is your choice, that is fine”, “And that is also good”, “Your choice, it is also fine”, “So is this”, and “And that is also good”. The video ends with the final set of text that says “Women’s Life Freedom”.

The original video was posted on Instagram and has now been removed. Commenting on the post, she wrote, “Every woman, anywhere in the world, no matter where she is, should have the right to wear whatever she wants, when or wherever she wishes to wear it. No man or any other woman has the right to be judged Or ask her to wear other clothes. Everyone has different views and beliefs and should be respected.”

Democracy means the power to make decisions.

She added, “Democracy means the ability to make decisions…Every woman should have the power to make decisions about her own body! (Muscles and clash emojis). I don’t encourage nudity, I promote freedom of choice!”

Her post was also stuffed with the hashtag, Mahsa Amini, Women, Free Iran, Women Support Women, Women Empowerment, Freedom, Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Expression, Women, and My Body of Choice.

The Nazi gesture is a form of support for the Iranian protests

Al-Naaz’s letter supports the demonstrations that erupted in Iran when Mahsa Amini, 22, died in custody after being arrested for allegedly violating the strict Islamic dress code for women.

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