Alia Bhatt shows off her baby bump and poses with her pet


New Delhi: Mom-to-be Alia Bhatt is counting down her days to welcome her newborn baby. The actress recently had her baby shower which her friends and family attended. Alia teased fans with glimpses of her latest photoshoot. Every day, Alias ​​pregnancy glow rejuvenates her beauty.

On Wednesday, Alia took to her Instagram handle to share a series of images that flaunted her baby bump. In one of the pictures, she poses with her pet cat, while in others she’s smiling broadly. Alia wears a peachy outfit designed specifically for pregnant women by a clothing brand. Sharing the pictures, she wrote: “just another day at work for Ed with Ed wearing Ed @edamumma. Start on October 14th 💛😬.”

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Alia Bhatt recently shared a new video on Wednesday (Sunday) from the Time100 awards ceremony that took place on October 2nd. In her acceptance speech, Alia said: “I am delighted to be here tonight representing my nation – a country that has helped build me and my profession. India is a country that values ​​diversity.” “There are so many rules these days – especially for women. don’t be loud But don’t be shy. Don’t be too curvy. But don’t be too skinny. have ambition. But don’t overdo it. Be confident. But not cocky. There are so many rules that we consciously or unconsciously think that in order to be liked, loved, good, we must be utterly flawless – an impossible, mythical being that really only appears on the pages of a fairy tale could exist. But in the last ten years I’ve realized something that I subconsciously knew all along. Perfection is boring. It’s the mistakes that make you YOU,” she captioned her video.

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