All that you need to know about air pollution in Delhi


All that you need to know about air pollution in Delhi

As known by everyone, air pollution causes harmful effects both on body and environment. Right from global warming to respiratory diseases, there are a number of ways in which air pollution can harm humans. Many environmentalists suggest that there is a need for prevention of air pollution in order to save the environment from harmful gases and chemicals. In this series of Wizbloggers pollution blogs, this blog points out the major reasons of Air pollution and preventive measures which can be taken by a common man to improve the situation

What Are Responsible Reasons before Air Pollution in Delhi

There are a number of reasons that causes air pollution in Delhi and in other cities. These include mining operations and industrial activities. Burning fossil fuels and wastes is also one o the major cause of air pollution. Emission of harmful gases and chemicals from factories and manufacturing industries degrades the quality of air.

Whenever we talk about pollution in Delhi, the first thing that comes to the mind is lot of smog and industrial gases. The current scenario of smog in Delhi compels people to cover their face with masks. Let’s check how this Delhi pollution is harmful to the people and other living creatures.

Firstly, it causes bad effects on health. It can create allergies and irritation to eyes. Pollutants present in the air also cause different types of respiratory diseases. Whenever you inhale polluted air then it can cause cardiovascular issues and asthma.

Another effect of air pollution in Delhi is that it is increasing global warming. There is an ozone layer that protects the earth. But, the increase in air pollution results in the depletion of this layer. This will ultimately cause global warming which means the increased temperature of the earth.

Apart from global warming, increased air pollution also caused harm to wildlife and disturbs the eco system.

Not just this, there are many other ways in which polluted air can affect human lives. Thus, it is important to prevent air pollution. Urgent actions are needed to be taken for preventing the increase in air pollution. Here a question arises- how it can be prevented? What can you do to reduce air pollution? The answer to this question is simple. These are a few important and simple steps following which you can help in preventing pollution in the air. Let’s have a look at each of them briefly:

Use public transport:

This is one of the simplest ways in which you can help in preventing the increase in air pollution in Delhi. Make more use of the metro, bus, and other public transport. This will reduce the number of vehicles on the roads which means less pollution from vehicles.

Conserve electricity:

The next step that you can take for preventing air pollution is the conservation of energy in homes, offices and other residential places. This will also help in stopping pollution in the air.

Stop the use of crackers:

This is one of the important steps that you can do to reduce the level of smog in the air. Every year, people burst crackers for fireworks during various festivals and occasions. This causes air pollution to a great extent. So, it is advised not to burst fire crackers.

Go for carpooling:

Another important step that you can take for pollution reduction is carpooling. The Increasing Number of cars on the road means higher pollution in terms of toxic emission. This can be prevented by carpooling. This will reduce the number of cars and ultimately a reduction of toxic emission will also be seen.

Make use of CNG vehicles:

This is another important step that can be taken by the people to make the air clean. As known by everyone, CNG is a clean fuel than diesel and petrol. Because of this, there will less emission of toxic gases on roads. The more Number of CNG vehicles will contribute to making the air clean.

Plant more trees:

It is known by everyone that if you want to improve the quality of air in Delhi then it is important to plant more trees. There are a number of air purifying plants that be planted everywhere. These plants help in purifying the indoor as well as outdoor air. In addition, plantation of trees will also minimize air pollution. Money plant and aloe vera are best suited for purifying the air. You can also use it in offices and homes for a healthy environment.

Prohibition on burning the wastes:

One of the main reasons that contribute to air pollution is the burning of wastes, dried leaves, and grasses. These causes smog in the air. This needs to be stopped as soon as possible. Wastes should be dumped properly to reduce air pollution to a great extent.

Reduce the application of plastic bags:

Right from home to shops and showrooms to malls, plastic bags are used in high demand. But these bags are a great threat to the environment. When these bags are burnt, they cause serious threats to the environment. Thus, it’s important to reduce the usage of plastic bags completely.

Make more cycles tracks:

If you don’t have to travel a long distance then using a cycle is the best option. Riding a bike or car for smaller distance can cause air pollution. Thus, it would be better to use cycles to reduce air pollution.

Make use of energy efficient equipment:


If possible then switch to energy efficient devices such as CFLs. These are long-lasting and consume less power as compared to other devices. This kind of devices helps in reducing air pollution by consuming less amount of energy.

On the basis of air quality index, you can calculate how much air is polluted and what will be the pollution in the coming days. Pollution level in Delhi is increasing day by day because of excess vehicles on the road, mining operations, and industrial emission. To improve the Air quality index Delhi and reduce the pollution level, it is important to follow the above-mentioned steps. Right from personal to governmental level, several strict measures need to be followed to reduce the level of pollutants in the air.

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