All voting records broken so far, figures reach 75.6 percent


Himachal Assembly Polls 2022: This time, the voters of Himachal Pradesh broke all the previous voting records in the assembly elections. Two days before his death, Shyam Saran Negi, a resident of Kinnaur and the country’s first voter, asked the voters of Kinnaur to vote enthusiastically after voting at home using ballot papers. After that, people voted to set a new record.

On Saturday, a record number of votes, 75.6 percent, were received. One percent of voters belong to this service. However, additional service voters have not yet been recruited. After that, the number of votes can reach 76 percent. Previously, the highest participation rate in the 2017 parliamentary elections was 75.57 percent.

Manish Garg, the state’s deputy chief electoral officer, released the data on Sunday after the remote polling teams arrived. The highest turnout this time was 85.25 percent in Solan Doon Assembly constituency and 62.53 percent in Shimla city. The voting percentage of the EVM was 74.6. Some ballots were sent by mail.

This increased the total vote to date to 75.6 percent. It may increase by an additional 1% until all mail ballots are received. This year, the state election department placed more emphasis on the 11 parliamentary constituencies with low turnout. SVEEP and voter education campaigns have started. Contests and rallies were organized to raise voter awareness about voting.

The proportion of votes increased by 7% in the nine constituencies of the General Assembly

A comparison of Dharampur, Jaisinghpur, Shimla, Baijnath, Bhoranj, Solan, Kasumpti, Sarkaghat, Jaswan Paragpur, Hamirpur and Barsar revealed a 7% increase in voter turnout in 9 out of 11 assembly constituencies. Dharampur’s voter turnout was 63.6 percent in 2017, rising to 70.54 percent in 2022.

In Jaisinghpur, it has increased from 63.79 in 2017 to 65.31 in 2022. In Bhoranj, it rose from 65.04 to 68.55 this year; In Solan, it rose from 66.45 to 66.84; In Barsar, it rose from 69.06 to 71.17. In Hamirpur it increased from 68.52 to 71.28 and in Jaswan-Paragpur from 68.84 to 73.67 percent. Sarkaghat increased from 67.23 to 68.06 percent and Kasumpti from 66.86 to 68.24 percent.

The number of polls in Shimla Urban, Baijnath has decreased compared to the last time

In Shimla Urban, voter turnout fell from 63.93 in 2017 to 62.53 in 2022, while in Baijnath it was 64.92 in 2017 and 63.46 in 2022.

During his visit to Himachal Pradesh, Chief Election Commissioner Rajeev Kumar asked and directed the state to focus on low-turnout assembly constituencies.

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