American journalist angry at Joe Biden praising Indian media


Journalists in the US have reacted sharply to US President Joe Biden’s praise of the Indian media.

Washington: Following a remark by US President Joe Biden, the White House has tried to pacify angry American media. A senior White House official said the US president’s remarks were not harsh.

Joe Biden had said that the Indian press treats its American counterparts better.

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US President Joe Biden praised the Indian press during his first personal bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House on Friday and described it as “better behaved” than the US media.

He criticized American journalists for not asking the right questions in front of a foreign government/head of state.

White House press secretary Jen Sackie faced a series of questions on Monday about Joe Biden’s remarks to US reporters. However, he also defended the President’s statement.

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“I think what he said was that journalists aren’t always on point. He was talking about someone else. He probably wanted to talk about COVID-19 vaccines. A few questions about that. And some questions aren’t always about the topic he’s talking about that day.” Said Saki.

“I don’t think it was said in some harsh tone on the media people,” he said.

At the White House briefing, another reporter objected to the comparison between the Indian and American media.

“As per Reporters Without Borders (RSF), the Indian press is ranked 142nd in the world for press freedom,” the reporter said.

“How can he say more about the American press than the Indian press?”

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To this Saki said, ‘I will just tell you that now after working for the presidency and being in this role for nine months, noting that he has spoken to the press more than 140 times. He certainly respects the role of the press, the free press.”

According to the RSF, American media ranks 44th in terms of press freedom.

First published:September 28, 2021, 3:46 pm

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