Amid rumours of RX100 resurrection, Yamaha files for RZ250, RZ350 names in Japan


Yamaha RZ350: Yamaha has long had a cult following among car enthusiasts. Whether it’s the classic Yamaha RX100 or the Yamaha RZ350, the blue brand has plenty of nostalgic models in its arsenal. This is good news for fans of the latter. Yamaha has registered two new trademarks with the Japanese Patent Office, one for the RZ350 and one for the RZ250.

Yamaha Motor Corporation filed the trademark applications on April 12, 2023, and it was published on April 20, 2023, which seems like an extremely fast turnaround time. The trademarks appear to cover names rather than specific logos.

While no specifics have been revealed about any planned models that could use the RZ250 or RZ350 name, the class designation on the trademark gives some hints as to the possible outcomes.

Since 1973, many international intellectual property organizations have used the Nice Classification System (as in Nice, France, not “nice job, mate”) to classify items into generally recognized categories.

Based on rideapart.comreports that Yamaha sought Class 12 marks in this case. The World Intellectual Property Organization defines it as follows:

  • Engines and engines for land vehicles
  • Clutches and transmission parts for land vehicles
  • Hovercraft
  • Not toys, remote control vehicles
  • Vehicle parts such as bumpers, windshields, steering wheels, tires for vehicle wheels and treads for vehicles

Rubber tracks used for heavy machinery (such as construction, mining or agricultural equipment) are not included in this classification, nor are parts of non-land vehicles.

Similarly, children’s tricycles are considered toys, not vehicles, and therefore cannot be classified in Class 12. (However, it is not clear where an electronic balance bike falls under this classification.)

Yamaha is clearly resurrecting these great names from the two-stroke era for the memories they evoke – but what does the Blue Team want to achieve with them? Will they return with a pair of new internal combustion engines, or will Yamaha use them to introduce some new electric models? It’s all just speculation right now, so we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds.

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