Amric Singh runs the most luxurious petrol station in Britain

London: Petrol station boss Amric Singh prides himself on having the UK’s most luxurious garage, and says its large selection of snacks, drinks and deals “you can’t beat”.

The Sun reports that families flock from afar to the flashy Spar store, which has gone viral on social media for its rare American sweets and indoor slush machine.

Site manager Singh, 30, is enjoying the sweet taste of success as his BP station heads as one of Britain’s best.

His service station took off after sharing it on TikTok, where viewers marveled at her massive stockpile of sweets and protein shakes.

It also has a 24-hour subway, Spar and Costa store, the Sun report said.

“We are the most competitive front yard garage shop in the country and sell a range of coveted American sweets and drinks not offered for sale anywhere else,” said Americ Singh.

But while it’s already a hit with motorists, the Sheffield garage has also riled some parents thanks to the aggressive marketing of a gym supplement.

“It’s a very good store,” said Jade Handley, a 29-year-old mother of four, who traveled to the store with her partner and three of their children just to buy American goodies.

They have the best desserts from America you can’t get anywhere and I can never resist Tango Ice Blast.

“But I don’t think the bad words in pre-workout formulas next to sweets fade well.”

“We’re very popular and it takes work but I’m enjoying it,” said Amric Singh, proudly showing off the team at The Sun Online about his shop.

“We are the best in price and best in size. We are all under one roof and sell everything you need daily.”

The store, which does not have a license to sell alcohol, amuses customers as soon as they enter – with walls covered from top to bottom with shelves of famous American sweets.

With the station next to Sheffield United’s stadium, he told The Sun: “On match days it’s crazy and hard to deal with. We have to increase our minimum five staff to ten or more.”

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