Another shame; Minor brutally hacked


Gonada Honor Killing: In a clear case of honor killing, a young man allegedly killed his teenage sister with a knife and later surrendered himself to Katra Bazar police station in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh.

The accused was reportedly unhappy with his 16-year-old sister’s alleged love affair with a boy from another community.

The young man had previously hit his sister after overhearing her.

Based on a complaint from the boy’s mother, the police registered an FIR of the boy’s murder and sent the body for an autopsy.

He was arrested, and the murder weapon with which the girl was killed was also found.

According to Munna Upadhyay, the Colonelganj district officer, the young man was a labourer.

Saleem, who had a job in Delhi, had killed himself three years earlier.

He lived with her mother and younger sister in the village of Damodar.

“He saw his sister talking to a youth from a neighborhood in another church. The two siblings originally got into an argument about it. The situation escalated again later in the evening when he saw his sister on the phone with the same boy,” Upadhyay said.

In a fit of rage, he drew a sharp-edged blade and hacked his sister to death. He then arrived at the police station and turned himself in, according to authorities.

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