Anticipating war with Russia, women in large numbers join Ukraine army

Kiev: Tension in Ukraine is increasing with each passing day. On Tuesday, Russia decided to recognize two separate regions in eastern Ukraine as independent and ordered its military to launch a “peacekeeping operation” in the region that has intensified the crisis.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday called for an immediate halt to the Nord Stream 2 project, saying Moscow should be punished with “immediate sanctions” for the recognition of Kiev’s two separatist regions, including the completion of the project. pause is included.

The turn of events in Ukraine in recent months points to the possibility of war with Russia in the coming days. Meanwhile, a large number of women have joined the Ukrainian army.

The women are getting basic training and are being recruited into the Army Reserves. Women have been serving in the Ukrainian army since 1993. The number of women in the military has more than doubled since 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea.

According to reports, there are currently more than 31,000 women serving in the defense forces of Ukraine.

Notably, in December last year, Ukraine issued a decree calling for able-bodied women working in a variety of professions and between the ages of 18 and 60 to register for the draft and mobilize when a full-scale war broke out. needed to be prepared.

According to the new law in Ukraine, women aged 20 to 40 can organize as regular soldiers and women between 20 and 50 can become officers. However, there are exceptions for women with children, including full-time students and graduates.

Reports say that currently, in the Ukraine Armed Forces, there are 109 women serving as platoon commanders, with 900 women officers in command positions, with 13,000 women serving as combatants.

Ukraine currently has 2,55,000 troops on active duty and about 900,000 reservists, who are expected to play a key role when hostilities with Russia end.

Meanwhile, women in Russia say they are ready to take up arms and fight Russian soldiers. They have also started a ‘babushka’ battalion and have dug trenches, provided supplies, built traps, offered medical care and even built a lookout tower.

First Published:February 22, 2022, 6:33 pm

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