Archana Gautam gets brutally trolled for mocking Abdu Rojic, fans demand to kick her off the show


Big Boss 16: Season 16 of Salman Khan’s ‘Bigg Boss’ has started. All the participants of the show have also started playing the game. In the show, Abdu Rozik captures people’s hearts and his cuteness makes fans go crazy for him. But if someone misbehaves with him, it’s a shame for the fans.

Archana Gautam mocked Abdu Rojic

After entering the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ 16, Archana Gautam mocked Abdu Rozik after which fans got angry and now their anger has also exploded. Archana said, ‘Hey, I can’t see this. It’s good that I took separate beds, otherwise someone would have kicked them in the middle of the night.” After saying this, Archana starts laughing out loud.

Fans demanded Archana’s exit

Fans don’t like this Archana Gautam at all and fans don’t want to spoil her at all. Some people believe that Abdu doesn’t know Hindi properly so Archana mocked him. After this, fans don’t want to see her on the show and ask to throw her out of the house.

Trolling on social media

Many of them started trolling Archana on Twitter. A netizen said, “Literally such disgusting behavior from #ArchanaGautami. Abdu doesn’t even know Hindi but he still smiles after listening to your conversations. God help that innocent soul And as a reminder Archana he is more popular than you. #BiggBoss16 || #abdurozik.”

Another tweet says: “I can’t believe they all thought a contestant shaming another contestant was funny! ARHANA AND THE PEOPLE LAUGHING AT IT ARE SICK! Disappointing how none of them stopped archana from doing that I feel really bad abdu the poor thing didn’t understand what they were saying .”

Another netizen said, “#ArchanaGautam is 3rd class ladies. Started teasing in first class. She looks 3rd class, not funny. #abdurozik also laughed at her. Good. Hope this.”

Now let’s see what happens next shall we? Which Bigg Boss will take action on the same.

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