Archana Gautam’s physical violence on Shiv…


Big Boss 16: Bigg Boss 16 from Color Tv will be seeing some high-octane drama in today’s episode where Archana Gautam and Shiv Thakare will be seen watching. The fight soon takes an ugly turn when Archana becomes physically violent towards Shiv.

Once again, there was noise in the house, and his video clip became increasingly viral on social media. The promotional video shows Shiv and Archana getting into an ugly fight where she later loses her cool and threatens to raise her hand.

Archana Gautam turns violent

This video of ‘Bigg Boss’ was shared by Colors TV on their Instagram account, where you can watch Shiv and Archana fight. After this Archana says, “raapte laggega khichke”. Archana is seen clutching Shiva’s throat and then fumes the entire house in a fit of rage. After this, everyone calms down fighting and watches Archana complain to Bigg Boss.

Fan reaction

In the fight between Shiv and Archana, you can see that Archana was seen crying in the past. When watching this video, fans also react very strongly. While some fans support Archana and describe her as the best rider, on the other hand, some users support Shiv Thakare. Earlier, Archana had a fight with Abdo Ruzik, in which Archana did not listen to him, after which Abdo scolded Archana.

Meanwhile, according to the latest media reports, Archana Gautam will be cast again as Bigg Boss 16 by Salman Khan in this week’s episode of Weekend Ka Vaar. She will be disqualified from the show after the violent incident towards Shiv.

In the battle of Shiv and Archana, what will Salman Khan’s reaction be this weekend? Will he organize Archana’s class or will he support her? A must see because Archana has a lot of fights this week.

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