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New Delhi: Most of the people are compelled to tease with the current Twitter landscape. Some people are looking to get rid of this app tantrum and find another alternative to Twitter. This is after Elon Musk, who now owns Twitter, announced a fee of $8 (Rs) 651.41, For verified accounts.

Twitter Alternatives

Here’s a look at some of the top choices so far.


Everyone is talking about the mastodon, and it is the first pioneer among those that fly cooperatively. At the time of writing, the number of people who signed up for Mastodon this week has passed 230,000, bringing the total number of accounts to nearly 5.9 million.

The platform has been around for six years and is certainly aimed at someone who is already tech savvy. The first hurdle you face is trying to figure out how to sign up. It is a decentralized open source platform, which means you don’t need to join a company on one platform – you have to join an established group hosted by an organization or individual on their servers.

“This is a public square,” Mastodon tweeted this week. “It’s a global decentralized social network. Your server is where your account is hosted, communication is global.”

Once you choose your server, or “home room”, as I understand it, you can create a profile, upload photos and videos, and post “tots” – Mastodon Version of Tweets – Messages up to 500 characters long. It’s best to use hashtags so that others can find your “Toots” and you’ll see it on a Twitter-like timeline.

To join, go to on your desktop and click the server link at the top of the page to find out which group to join.

You can choose your “homeroom server” based on theme or language, or use a generic server like, which has a large user base to begin with. While you’re there, you might want to use a site like Twitter to regroup with all your Twitter friends on the new platform.


You may already be familiar Tumblr – It’s been around since 2007 and is easy to use, beautifully designed, and you may find that a lot of your contacts are already there.

Instead of tweets, you create microblog-like posts that can be text, images, audio, video, DM-like chats or quotes. It offers more variety than Twitter and feels more like a design space, while still being intuitive, easy to set up, and easy to use.

Like Facebook and others, you have the ability to follow and follow, like, comment and repost. You can also choose the areas of interest that will appear most in your feed, including art, pets, technology, parenting, news, cooking, and more.

Going around on Tumblr for a few hours this week made me wonder why it never really started. It is only a year younger than Twitter and at one time was worth over a billion dollars. point? Yahoo! It was bought in 2013 for 1.1 billion. By 2019 and another owner of the company later (Verizon) sold it for $3 million. Here’s a good write-up of her troubled past as well as her promising future.
Tumblr is free, but you can pay $5 a month to get rid of ads on the site.


If you’re missing a kind, polite way to keep in touch with your friends, family, coworkers, or people you went to high school with, try usync ($3.99). It quietly came out of beta a few weeks ago and is available as an app (iOS, Android) or from your desktop.

You can post long blog-style content with text, video, and photos in the “Story” area, or post short “doodles” that are limited to 275 characters by trial and error. Plus, you can create events, search for specific crowds of people who are interested, share music, entertain, and even manage your calendar.

The first difference from other social media that you will immediately notice is that you have to pay for it. CEO Darrell Lin told me it’s just one way to avoid Twitter’s mess with both advertisers and new subscription fees.

As a social media startup, uSync shows a lot of promise, but it’s still new and still disappointing. At times I had questions about specific features that they didn’t answer on the board, as well as the FAQ page, like how to import contacts or delete a post.

Blue Sky

The company said a few weeks ago in mid-October that the app would launch soon and that 30,000 people have signed up on its waiting list. That number is sure to be much higher now that I and hundreds of others added my name to that list last week.

What do we know so far Blue Sky It is that it began as a non-profit Twitter initiative in 2019 and promises to give users control over their own data and algorithms.

The company also said that it would allow people to retain ownership of their published content and move their posts across various social networks. The company is still inviting people to sign up and try out the app in beta before launching it to the public.

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