Arvind Kejriwal Government inaugurates India’s first Mobile Music Classroom in Delhi


Children in Delhi will no longer need to go out to learn music, as the future music bus of the Kejriwal government will arrive to give wings to the artistic passion of the students.

New Delhi: To inculcate students’ passion towards music and arts, the Kejriwal government has started India’s first mobile music class in the national capital. Equipped with in-built studios and other music production facilities, this state-of-the-art bus will reach students of Delhi government schools across the city. This music bus will also help children from economically weaker sections to learn music production, filmmaking and graphic designing from experts. Let’s know more about it.

Children no longer need to go out to learn music

Now children in Delhi will not need to go out to learn music, as the future music bus of the Kejriwal government will arrive to give wings to the artistic passion of the students. ‘Mobile Music Bus’ has been launched in Delhi as India’s first mobile music classroom and recording studio. This revolutionary musical bus will reach out to the children, identify their artistic passion and help these colorful minds to pursue their passion and hone their skills.

For students to get specialized education in various fields

The Kejriwal government is committed to promote and strengthen the artistic passion of children studying in Delhi government schools in the city. The Kejriwal government’s School of Specialized Excellence will take full responsibility of helping these children fulfill their dreams and pursue their passion. The Delhi government under the visionary leadership of CM Arvind Kejriwal believes that children can reach new heights of success if they follow their passion and turn it into their future career. The School of Specialized Excellence in the performing and visual arts domain will send a message to treat the arts as an education. Kejriwal government will provide special education in various fields to the students of Delhi.

Mobile music bus will reach 5 thousand children of Delhi

As a part of the Music Bus Project, the Kejriwal government in line with its out of box vision has transformed an ordinary bus into a mobile music class equipped with a high quality music recording studio and a performance stage. This mobile music bus aims to reach 5 thousand children from Delhi government schools as well as low-income communities of the national capital. Trained facilitators will organize regular workshops and other artistic activities for these children to help them learn music and sharpen their skills in a fun way.

It aims to provide media training to poor students

The revolutionary Music Bus Project will organize weekly music workshops and monthly Happy Circles to enhance the social and emotional health of all children. Along with this exposure to stage performance will also help in reducing their stage fright. The objective of this project is to train low income children through media courses like audio production, graphic designing and film production so that they can make a successful career in these fields.

First published:September 27, 2021, 11:45 am

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